SeaSure® fully integrated ballast water testing solution


What is SeaSure?

SeaSure® is a fully integrated ballast water testing solution, suitable to be used on board ships, gathering test results on microbial, chemical and plankton contamination.  This data is collated into a secure report called Ballast Log suitable for audit and encrypted transmission to interested parties, such as ballast water treatment manufacturers, ship owners and Port Authorities.

Using SeaSure ship owners can track whether their ballast water has been treated in accordance with the IMO-D2 and other standards prior to discharge without having to send samples away to external laboratories for testing – test results are available to be distributed to relevant parties before the ship enters port.


SeaSure tests for E.coli, intestinal Enterococci and toxigenic Vibrio cholerae, recording results in Ballast Log, informing the operator within hours if the treated ballast water is within permitted levels of contamination as set out in various standards.

The IMO-D2 and other standards also call for ballast water to be checked for contamination with biocides and phytoplankton. Bactest has partnered with distinguished companies to form key partnerships, enabling the SeaSure product to also test for residual chemicals (from biocides used during chemical treatment of the ballast water), salinity and phytoplankton in the 10µm – 50 µm  range. The SeaSure software has been designed to import data directly from these partner products to generate a single report, Ballast Log.  This means that all data relating to ballast water testing is kept securely in one place ready to be securely shared and communicated to relevant parties.


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